Job Preparation and Certification Training Programs Deliver Good Jobs

The Christian Science Monitor (Shekhtman, L., 2016) indicates that "a growing body of evidence is showing promising career results for people who train in moderately technical skills that employers in manufacturing, IT, and healthcare say they desperately need." 

Job preparation and career certification training in computer, technical and business skills, particularly, in IT and healthcare is an efficient and effective way to get ready for a good job.  Reason: There are not enough technically-skilled workers to fill the many jobs available in the marketplace. 

That’s why about half of the states are sponsoring training programs that bridge the knowledge and skills gaps in the local labor markets. This approach is gaining popularity at the regional, national and state level. But these programs are very expensive and cumbersome to manage.

In response to the skill-gap need, Florida Gulf Coast University’s Institute for Technological Innovation has developed a low-cost ($100/year) job preparation and career certification program in partnership with business and industry. This program provides online computer, technical and business skills training and may be viewed on a mobile device or computer from anywhere, anytime.  The objective is to reach as many students and other community participants as possible by providing accessible and inexpensive training--including video lessons and self-assessments.


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