seeking partners to identify funding and collaborate in the DELIVERY of A new “build your own AI mobile business” course—including over 1900+ On-demand AI/IT online, mobile, certification training courses

Unsurprisingly, more job-seekers and entrepreneurs are finding themselves unprepared for study and work in the artificial intelligence (AI), business, information technology (IT) and healthcare administration fields, because of shortcomings in basic communication and technical competencies. Further, most entrepreneurs, and job-seekers also lack the necessary systems-thinking, problem-solving, computing and software-development or software applications skills. iTi Coursewell partnering-initiatives; just-in-time video-training content; and real-time discussion-forums to help your organization's participants reach their job or career goals.

By integrating best practices from the science of teamwork with the latest in AI mobile learning technologies, iTi’s Coursewell will revolutionize distributed teamwork and team learning - occurring when workers and learners are geographically dispersed and often interacting at different times.”

The Institute for Technological Innovation (iTi) seeks to: (1) improve students' retention and persistence (via AI mobile applications, distributed teamwork, and summer/online/mobile preparatory programs); and (2) lower the cost of AI, business, healthcare administration, information technology (IT) and project management (PM) education, training and job-readyness (via free online, open source textbooks and very low-cost, adaptive, self-paced video instructional materials) by:

(I.) partnering with companies and institutions; (II.) leveraging technological innovations and advancements in AI mobile learning technologies; and (III.) gaining from the digital economies of scale derived from AI, automation, block chain, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, and machine-learning technologies.

Institute for Technological Innovation: Advancing AI Mobile Learning

Self-paced, JOB PREPARATION certification Training

online, on-demand, on Mobile devices


Participants will enhance their AI-strategy, computing, systems-thinking, problem-solving, communication, business, finance, marketing, information-technology and software-applications' career & job skills, unhindered by time and place constraints! The online career training modules are adaptive, mobile, self-paced and personalized to satisfy your  participants' cyber security,  software programming, project management, information technology, business administration and many other digital-age pre-college, college and career needs, based on their personality, competencies, abilities and the job opportunities they wish to pursue. 

It was challenging but gratifying! Now, I understand how AI, business & computers can enhance my business and my life. It’s was fun to learn this way! I feel ready for the next phase in my work life.” Dana S.


The process start with an online consultation with one of our faculty advisers to determine your participants' career goals, needs, and wants. Then, we create an in-demand career program that respond to their unique abilities & training needs.

Using our Coursewell's adaptive, on-demand, mobile-learning video app, we have trained, assessed, and certified a new breed of information technology and project management specialists that are proactive, knowledgeable and technically-proficient.

*Software, applications, devices and adaptive content were developed by faculty and students at Florida Gulf Coast University's Institute for Technological Innovation in association with faculty in the Lutgert College of Business, Whitaker College of Engineering and the College of Health Professions and Social Work.

Industry values and require PM, IT, business software apps, software developers, healthcare administration and other career certifications. Our assessments, learning modules and instructors will help you and/or your staff assess, validate and earn national IT, business, healthcare admin and other career certifications from anywhere, anytime! Your participants will be prepared for an information-age IT, business, and other career specializations in 16 to 52 weeks. Contact us today at or complete the form below.

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Florida Gulf Coast University's Institute for Technological Innovation provides individualized career development training programs via web and mobile devices. To learn more about our innovative, individualized programs, please contact . To donate, please follow the Donate link in the Apply Now page.

Kevin Price shares about his career in marketing and sales and advices students looking to go into the same field.

Mission: The Institute for Technological Innovation (iTi) will be known for developing ideas and technological innovations that can be used to collaborate and deliver undergraduate education and career certification training programs. In concert with industry partners, iTi bridges the gap between disciplines (i.e., business, technology, healthcare, engineering) and organizations (i.e., private enterprise, government, military).

iTi is a virtual outreach organization integrating business savvy & innovation with computing, engineering, healthcare and technological knowledge. iTi mission is to foster innovations in business, healthcare and technology education & practice, particularly, asynchronous, mobile and collaborative learning technologies. Succinctly, we develop ideas, tools and programs to collaborate and learn. iTi uses information and ideas as an agent of change and economic growth in the region and the Nation. iTi generates revenue for (1) sustaining the operation (overhead) and (2) supporting faculty/student research, development and commercialization. iTi provides ideas and learning innovations to support the college mission to educate "... to address local and global business challenges" ... (and) "foster entrepreneurship and economic growth."



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