Medical Administration & IT Careers: Health Informatics Training

ContactWalter Rodriguez, PhD, PE at

Target AudienceHealthcare and administration professionals looking to understand health care information systems.

Tuition: $4000

Financial Assistance: Funding for this program would come directly from participants through tuition.  Check if your employer is offering tuition assistance to employees interested in this training.

Duration: 16 Weeks

Online, Self-Paced Modules:

Module 1: Understanding EMR/HER; AHIMA focus geared specifically toward electronic medical records and technology; Health Information Management (HIM) practices being replaced by technology.

Module 2: Understanding the interdependency of Revenue Cycle Informatics on Clinical Informatics and Clinical Care.

Module 3: Differences between Health Informatics requirements for the Hospital, Outpatient, and Ambulatory (Physician Office) settings.

Module 4:  Considering deployment methods; HIM/HIS practically applied in the LMHS work environment.

Module 5: Healthcare IT (EHR, single sign-on, meaningful use, PCMH, joint commission, CPOE)

Module 6: Key Topics and Assignments from the textbook below.


Wager, K.A., Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management 3rd Edition. Participants will directly purchase or rent the textbook at