Medical Administration Careers: 3 Ways for Learning Medical Scribe Terminology and New Healthcare Definitions

Student Learning New Medical Terminology

by Walter Rodriguez, PhD

Passing medical certification exams and tests are one of the most challenging tasks you may encounter---even with seemingly adequate preparation! And, after passing the certification exams or tests, you must still keep current with the new medical terms and healthcare definitions. So, what can you do to stay current with the medical terminology and healthcare definitions?

Below are three authoritative (research-tested) ways you may use to learn current and new medical terminology:

1. Read Medical News and Blogs: One of the best ways to learn medical terminology is by reading articles in refereed journals and institutional blogs like this one. Reading the terms in the context of an article will help you retain the knowledge. After reading this blog, please scroll down to read sample articles written by Dr. Peter Reuter, an assistant professor in the College of Health Professions and Social Work at Florida Gulf Coast University and author of multiple medical encyclopedias & a web resource.

2. Review Electronic Flashcards: In preparation for a test, we tell our students to go to interactive resources, such as Quizlet. Please see an example at In addition, we provide numerous practice  quizzes on our Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

3. Take a Diagnostic Exam: According to How We Learn: The Surprising Truth About When, Where, and Why It Happens by Benedict Carey, "taking a test before you know anything about it improves subsequent learning." In our Medical Scribe Program and courses, we have developed worry-free diagnostic tests that students take before they start learning some of the medical scribe and medical terminology materials. These types of exams help us (faculty) diagnose (identify and analyze) where we need to focus our teaching and learning efforts. And when we start our Medical Scribe courses and programs, we always provide at least one diagnostic test. The tests help us benchmark the students' learning progress.

Please visit again for additional hints on how to learn Medical Terminology to pass your Medical Scribe certification exams, even without registering for one of our online courses. For more information or to try one of the exams, please complete this form.

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