Medical Administration Careers: Why Should You Get Certified in a Medical Scribe Career? - Click here to add a Comment

You may have seen a person scribbling on an electronic notepad, while the doctor examines you (or your child) in an emergency room. Well … that was probably a medical scribe specialist, if you visited a doctor or medical facility with a busy practice.

Medical Scribe Specialists can be traced back to 1999 when they first started to work in emergency rooms. The scribe charter was recommended as a “highly effective practice for reducing emergency department … and improving patient satisfaction.” Essentially, the doctor can focus more on the patient and less time on administrative tasks–thanks to a well prepared medical scribe. And here is what the Advisory Board report says:  “Liberating physician time: The biggest opportunity to free physician time is through charting and documentation. A few hospitals are deploying specific ED personnel (`scribes’) to assume the majority of physician charting duties, freeing physicians of indirect patient care tasks.”

Medical Scribes usually become the right-hand of the M.D. or caregiver. What a great position to be in: helping caregivers be more effective and efficient as well as helping reduce the cost of healthcare.

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